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Real Estate

Real estate has been known to increase in value, create passive income, generate tax benefits and security for many investors. We believe we have the perfect real estate today. Our building will be generating capital daily which becomes available without any Bank every day. It becomes part of your permanent domain and your connection to the Blockchain.
Have you found any Real Estate more versatile than this?

Crypto Vs Real Estate

While both cryptocurrency and real estate investments have their merits, some investors may find certain advantages in cryptocurrency investments over real estate investments. Here are some ways in which cryptocurrency investment might be considered better than real estate investment for certain individuals:

Accessibility: Investing in cryptocurrency can be more accessible to a broader range of investors compared to real estate. Cryptocurrency markets operate 24/7 and can be accessed globally through online trading platforms, often requiring less capital to get started compared to purchasing property.

Potential for High Returns: Cryptocurrency markets have historically exhibited high volatility, which can lead to the potential for significant short-term gains. While this volatility also carries higher risks, some investors are attracted to the possibility of exponential returns in the crypto market compared to the relatively slower appreciation seen in real estate.

Liquidity: Cryptocurrency markets tend to offer higher liquidity compared to real estate markets. It's generally easier and quicker to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to react swiftly to market movements and capitalize on trading opportunities. In contrast, real estate transactions typically involve longer time frames and higher transaction costs.

Global Market Access: Cryptocurrency markets are global and decentralized, allowing investors to access a wide range of digital assets from anywhere in the world. This global accessibility contrasts with real estate investments, which are often constrained by geographical limitations and regulatory barriers in different jurisdictions.

Innovative Technology: Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology represent innovative advancements that have the potential to revolutionize various industries, including finance, supply chain management, and decentralized applications (DApps). Some investors are drawn to the potential of investing in cutting-edge technology and the associated growth opportunities it presents.

Diversification: Cryptocurrency investments can provide diversification benefits within an investment portfolio, particularly for investors looking to hedge against traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds. Real estate investments also offer diversification benefits, but cryptocurrency can offer an additional layer of diversification due to its low correlation with traditional markets.

Lower Barrier to Entry: Cryptocurrency investments often have lower barriers to entry compared to real estate investments, particularly in terms of upfront capital requirements and ongoing maintenance costs. This lower barrier to entry can make cryptocurrency investment more accessible to younger investors or those with limited capital.


We have come to realize real estate has a lot of requirements. They take our time our money and our energy to maintain the quality of each property. Therefore our resources are always needed.
If we look at the other side of real estate, as a Bitcoin Miner, this income producing real estate requires none of your resources. These are both passive income streams. However, as we compare the facts, one is superior.

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